FSU Doctoral Students Benefit from Clinical Learning Experience on Capitol Hill

(L to R): Seth Powers, Mindy Vickers, Dr. Johnson, Lillian McDavid, Sen. Burr, Pamela Cromartie, Judith Douglas, Ericka Jones, Steve McKoy.

(L to R): Seth Powers, Mindy Vickers, James Bass, Dr. Johnson, Lillian McDavid, Sen. Burr, Pamela Cromartie, Judith Douglas, Ericka Jones, Steve McKoy.

Doctoral students at Fayetteville State University (FSU) learn quickly the rigor and relevance of the program during the first year of study.  They not only have fulltime jobs, they are fulltime students carrying nine semester hours during the fall and spring semesters and twelve semester hours during the summer. This allows them to satisfy residency requirements and complete all course work in two years. Cohort XV doctoral students completed their residency this summer and were able to benefit from a clinical learning experience on Capitol Hill as a capstone activity for the course, EDLE 703:  Policy and Political Issues in Education taught by Dr. Joseph F. Johnson, Professor of Educational Leadership. The doctoral students are James Bass, Pamela Cromartie, Judith Douglas, Ericka Jones, Marvin (Steve) McCoy, Lillian McDavid, Seth Powers, and Melinda (Mindy) Vickers.

The three-day learning experience (July 22-24, 2009) began with a round-table discussion in Arlington, Virginia on public policy, politics, and advocacy.  It was hosted by Bruce Hunter, Associate Director of Policy and Advocacy of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA).   The round-table discussion provided a valuable opportunity for the students to discuss contemporary examples of public policy development, politics, and advocacy strategies for educational leaders.  The discussion also provided a context for the visit to Capitol Hill where the students were able to: 1) Meet several senators; 2) Visit the Library of Congress; and 3) Observe legislators on the floor of the Senate debateAASA Group public policy; and 4) Visit the office of Senator Richard Burr and take an official picture with him.

Dr. Johnson facilitated evening and morning reflective seminars as a part of the experience.  All students indicated that the experience not only provided the opportunity to view and experience public policy, politics, and advocacy through different lenses, but will serve to enhance their internship placements in the upcoming academic year.      

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