The Impact Of Motivation On Academic Success Of Predominantly Black College Students In North Carolina Public University System

The MSI CBO HIV Prevention Program (CIHPP) under the Department of Government and History at Fayetteville State University is pleased to announce that the following staff and faculty members: Kelisha Graves, Sigrid Crow, Tamri Graves, Dr. Maurice Mongkuo, and Dr. Nicole Lucas have been published in the International Journal of Educational Studies. This study examined the effect of various types of motivations on the academic success of predominantly black college students. The goal of the study was to determine the types of motivation strategies that could be adopted to enhance retention and graduation rates at predominantly black colleges. The aim of this study was to begin a line of inquiry with the hope of generating empirical data that could be relied upon by university administrators and education policymakers to develop evidence-based interventions and academic motivational support programs to improve the retention and graduation rates at predominantly black colleges and universities. Kelisha, Tamri, Sigrid, Dr. Mongkuo, and Dr. Lucas plan on implementing the educational and advocacy strategies gained from the study to at risk young adults at Fayetteville State University and Cumberland County.


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