Reminder: Shared Leave Opportunity

Ms. Mattie Rogers of the Fort Bragg Center has been approved to receive donations under the shared leave program. The intent of the program is to give leave earning employees an opportunity to assist others during prolonged illnesses.

Ms. Rogers has exhausted all available leave due to illness, resulting in a loss of income.

As stated in the policy, non-family members may donate vacation, bonus or sick leave. The minimum allowable donation is Four (4) hours. Be further aware that the maximum amount of vacation leave allowed to be donated by an employee can be no more than the annual amounts to be accrued by the donating employee, provided that such donation does not reduce the donating employee’s leave balance below one-half of the amount accrued annually.

If donating sick leave donor shall not contribute more than Five (5) days of sick leave per year to any one non-family member.

An advisory to all employees donating sick leave:

At retirement a member of the Teacher and State Employees Retirement system with an earned sick leave balance receives an additional month of service credit for each 20 days or portion thereof. The additional service credit increases the retirement for the remainder of the life of the retiree. Please be conscious of this when donating sick leave.

If you wish to assist the employee, please email Ms. Theressa Graham ( indicating the number of hours you wish to donate. You may also visit the Human Resources Office, Barber Building lower level room 9, no later than October 10, 2018 to complete the necessary form.


Theressa Graham
HR Specialist-Leave Coordinator
910-672-1823 phone
910-672-1821 fax