Dr. Tanya Hudson was the Key Facilitator at this Year’s Afrocentric Institute

Auburn High School Afrocentric Math Cohort
Summer Institute 2019
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dr. Tanya Hudson was the key facilitator at this year’s Afrocentric Institute July 3 – 5, 2019 for the incoming freshmen of Auburn Drive High School in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her work on Culturally Relevant Pedagogy was accepted by the Executive Director of the African Canadian Service Branch, Dr. Marlene Ruck Simmons after having an opportunity to witness her engagement with youth from the current cohort on May 9, 2019 through a Skype presentation. According to Dr. Ruck, her personal story and learning about the excellence by which she pursued mathematics throughout her career and completing a doctoral degree watered the youth’s seeds of possibility. Dr. Hudson further positioned youth to understand mathematics and other STEM subjects as a part of their history as African descendants. Her expertise and willingness to train teachers that are involved in the Afrocentric Cohort enhanced the success of the summer institute by facilitating opportunities for teachers to develop lessons and activities that allowed youth to see themselves, their families and their communities. It was an honor to extend this invitation to her to highlight her achievements and commitment to enhancing educational landscapes as a Nova Scotian living and working abroad. Dr. Hudson is the Interim Chair of the Department of Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Grades, Reading, and Special Education (EMERS).