We Are Beginning Our Fall 2021 Application Process – Students

It’s that time of the year AGAIN!

Fayetteville State University’s School of Nursing has begun accepting applications to the Upper Division from September 1st, 2021, to September 30th, 2022, for Spring 2022 admission. 

Students are eligible to apply when either all prerequisites have been completed or the student is currently enrolled in the last of the required prerequisite courses. The minimum requirement to apply is an overall GPA of 2.8, as well as a math and science GPA of a 2.8

The application can be found on the School of Nursing’s website.

Applications MUST be typed and submitted electronically to the School of Nursing’s email: schoolofnursing@uncfsu.edu. Official transcripts (not including FSU) will also need to be submitted electronically to schoolofnursing@uncfsu.edu. Due to the large number of applications received, please review your application for completeness and accuracy. Students will be able to register for the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam when submitting their applications. 

Kaplan Information:

  • Due to the growing concerns over Covid-19, the Kaplan test will be offered face-to-face, by appointment. Students will receive detailed steps on how to pay and register for the test after submitting their application. Each date will have limited availability.
  • You may only take the Kaplan ONCE per semester and TWICE total.
  • The cost of the test is $25 (non-refundable). Students will be responsible for paying the testing fee online (link provided upon submission of application) or over the phone at the cashier’s office.

We will host application information sessions via zoom on the following dates:

BSN Nursing Applicant Informational Session Dates and Times


Tuesday @ 10am

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Wednesday @ 6 pm

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Thursday @ 4 pm

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For any additional questions, please contact Ms. Carla Hall at chall5@uncfsu.edu.