FSU English Majors Mixer!

The FSU Department of English: Literature, Teaching, Pre-Law, and Creative & Professional Writing is inviting you to welcome our featured guest and FSU English alumna, Gabrielle Carrero, for the English Majors Mixer on Friday, September 17th, at 2pm.

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Gabrielle has been a First Year Writing professor for the English Department at NC State University since 2018. She is also a writing contributor to an online training company that serves mid-to-large-sized healthcare and government agencies across the nation. Gabrielle also contributes to a large education publisher as an English composition subject matter expert with a focus on diversity and inclusivity. She is a northern “transplant,” originally from Brooklyn, N.Y and now lives in Durham. She is a Fayetteville State University alumna and presented “A Modern Mess: Colonialism’s Destructive Campaign on Latino Bodies and Stories” at her senior symposium; she graduated with a BA in English Language and Literature in 2015. Gabrielle completed her M.A. English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition from East Carolina University in 2018. 

Gabrielle completed her thesis “An Argument for Writing Assessment Literacy for Multilingual and L2 Writers: Deconstructing Linguistic Bias” that questions first year writing programs bias for monolingual, Standard American English speaking students. She argues that faculty and graduate students are often not trained on how to support multilingual or L2 writers and that those students are ultimately punished in classroom assessments that are designed with monolingual students in mind. Gabrielle puts forth the theory that graduate students in English would benefit from professional development and required coursework in writing assessment to develop inclusive classroom course materials. At present, Gabrielle’s teaching and research interests are metacognition and the facilitation of peer review.

Dr. Nicole A. McFarlane
Associate Professor of English
(Creative & Professional Writing)
Fayetteville State University