Category: Lost and Found

Found: Bracelets

Description: 3 bracelets were found in the Student Accounts office. Please give us a call to identify and claim them. Thank you, Cheryl Gainey Business Officer Student Accounts 1200 Murchison Road  Fayetteville, NC  28301 

Lost: Bracelet

Description: A bronze thin chain bracelet with 5 small stones, was reported lost on Wednesday, July 28 , within the BCBE room 207. The bracelet has great sentimental value. If found, please contact Ms. Walters at or 910-672-1218. Thank…

Found: Watch

Description: A smart watch was found in the Nursing parking lot this morning. To claim this watch, you must be able to identify it. Please go to the Locksmith office to verify this watch. Thank you, Phyllis B. CarterAdministrative Support…

Lost: Black USB Drive

FSU Family, Description: a black USB drive was reported lost Friday evening on the second floor in the social work department break room, near the printer. If found, please contact Melinda Frederick via email at Thank you, Melinda FrederickMSW School…

Lost: Flash Drive and Debit Card

FSU Family, Description: A red and black small Flash drive, and a PNC Bank Debit Visa card were reported missing on campus on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, in the afternoon before 5pm.  If found, please contact Sadie Beaufort via email…

Lost: Set of Keys

FSU Family, Description: A set of keys on a blue lanyard were reported lost. The set of keys included: a Ford car key with a black base, a planet fitness card, a silver key with a key fob taped to…

Lost: USB

FSU Family, Description:  A blue and silver USB with the word mountnaire on it, was reported lost yesterday. If found, please contact Tawanna McKoy via email at Thank you, Tawanna McKoy

Lost: Wallet

FSU Family, Description: A brown and leather wallet with a driver’s license, school ID and a debit card was reported missing. If found, please contact Terrance J. Henry via email at Thank you, Terrance J. Henry

Found: Keys

FSU Family, Description:  A Ford automobile key and house keys on a Charlotte Hornets lanyard was found in Lot K, last week.  To claim this item, please stop by the front office in room 125 of the J. Knuckles Building or call…

Lost: Driver’s License

FSU Family, Description: A driver’s license was report lost yesterday. If found, please contact Diana Ramirez Perez via email at Thank you, Diana Ramirez Perez