Category: Lost and Found


A classic, silver IPOD was left in the female restroom on the first floor of the SBE Building.  If found, please contact Charnell Harris at (760) 694-6311.  Thank you.

Lost Items on Campus

A pair of black, Ralph Lauren sunglasses were removed from the ladies room in the Taylor Science Building.  If found, please contact Natalie Parrish at (910) 584-6612.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A pink, SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash Drive, was left in SBE 218…

Found Property

The following item was found at the Taylor Science Building on 9/9/10:  T-Mobile cell phone (case #2010-0917281)  Please contact LT. DuBois for additional information.  Thank you. LT. Bill DuBois 672-1559

Lost Motorola Bluetooth

I lost a bluetooth on campus.  It is a very slim, silver Motorola.  It is missing the rubber earpiece.  Please contact Shannon Bates at (910) 723-8323.  I would appreciate getting it back.  Thank you.

Lost USBs

If anyone finds two (2) USBs on a blue key holder that goes around your neck, please contact Maxine McFayden at 672-1265.  It was left in the Lyons Science Annex lab on Monday afternoon.  Thank you. Maxine McFayden, ext. 1265 Academic Affairs

Lost Wedding Ring

I lost my wedding ring on August 11th between Capel Arena and Hackley Hall.  It has extreme sentimental value.  If found, please be kind enough to call me at 910-672-2153.  Thank you. Patrice Rodrick Honors Hall

Found Property (iPod)

The below item was turned in to the FSU Police Department (today) 7/8/2010.  iPod (30GB) Case Number: 2010-0713073  If you believe this item is yours, please contact LT. Bill DuBois to identify the item further. Thanks, LT. Bill DuBois 672-1559

Lost Flash Drive

I lost my flash drive yesterday, 7/1/10, between 8:15 to 9:15 pm at the FSU Library.  The description of the flash drive is Toshiba, 4 GB, Grey & Black color with Blue strap on it.  If you find the item,…

Lost Item

Mr. Charley Fergusson, Director of Contracts and Grants, lost his “Blood Test Kit” yesterday, June 16, 2010.  If found, please return to him in the C. J. Barber Administration Building, Business Office – Room 136, or telephone him at 672-2095.…

Found Property

The following item was recently found on campus:  Powered Wheel Chair (case# 2010-0510586)  Please contact LT. Bill DuBois for additional information.  Thank you. LT. Bill DuBois 672-1559