Dr. Lieceng Zhu is an Associate Professor at Fayetteville State University (FSU). She joined FSU in 2007. Over the years, she has taught a variety of courses including Principle of Genetics, Population Genetics, Advanced Genetics, Principle of Biology, Biology Seminar, Scientific Communication, and Technical Writing in Forensic Science etc. Dr. Zhu’s researches focus on the mechanisms of plant resistance to parasite under the influence of abiotic stresses using wheat-Hessian fly interaction as a model system. Through her research projects, Dr. Zhu has trained eight graduate students and 14 undergraduate and high school students in research and/or publications. Dr. Zhu also served as an Assistant Chair between 2010-2014, and Interim Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences between 2014-2015. In her leadership roles, Dr. Zhu dedicated herself to the growth and development of the department, and promoted and practiced transparency and shared governance among faculty.

Dr. Zhu’s strengths lies in the following aspects:

1. Dedication and continued improvement

In all her roles, Dr. Zhu has exhibited utmost dedication and commitment to the continued improvement in her vision, knowledge, and skills to best serve the students, department, university, and the community.

2. Initiative

Dr. Zhu initiated the CAS (College of Art and Science) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Seminar series and led the efforts  toward the establishment of FSU Dr. Valeria Fleming’s STEM Scholarship Program.

3. Collegiality and collaboration

Dr. Zhu believes and promotes collegiality throughout her tenure at FSU. She shares her teaching materials with faculty and help colleagues in any way possible. She  has conducted collaborative research and collaboratively mentored students with  scientists at Kansas State University, Montano State University, and University of Minnesota etc.

4. Problem solving

Dr. Zhu takes  problems as challenges and learning opportunities. She seeks the best solutions that will lead to win-win consequences.